Embracing the Pure Joy of Fitness How Focusing on Your Own Goals is the Key to Success

In recent years, both large chain gyms and small independent fitness studios have been popping up all over Hong Kong, showing that the fitness trend is becoming more and more developed. As an editor born in the 1990s, I used to rely on my youthful energy and good health, and didn’t pay much attention to fitness. However, after working in an office from 10am to 7pm every day for three to four years, I’ve noticed that my body is gradually deteriorating due to the lack of targeted muscle training. I’m not alone in this, as many of my friends are facing the same problem.

Initially, we thought that getting a massage, stretching, or acupuncture would relieve the pain and discomfort, but after a year or two, we realized that these methods only address the symptoms and not the root cause. That’s when I started learning from my fitness-focused friends. They may not all be “big and strong,” but they have a toned and powerful physique and are always full of energy. I also realized that my posture is a problem, and the main cause is the lack of muscle strength. To improve my physical and mental health, the most direct solution is to establish a fitness habit.

Overcoming First-time Gym Jitters: How to Build Confidence and Crush Your Fitness Goals

Like many women, I felt self-conscious when I first entered the gym. I couldn’t help feeling like everyone was looking at me with judgmental eyes, even though I knew they might just be curious. These looks can trigger feelings of insecurity about one’s body.

But ladies, fear not! As an editor, I completely understand this mindset. It’s natural to feel pressure when entering an unfamiliar environment. Experts have coined the term “Gymtimidation” to describe the pressure people feel when trying to use gym equipment, especially when they’re first starting to exercise regularly.

Margee Kerr, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh, explains that going to the gym is not just about exercising, it’s also a form of social interaction. Therefore, social pressures and anxieties can easily come with it.

“Going to the gym is a social experience, meaning it carries all the potential gains that come with socializing, but also all the fears and anxieties too,”

—Dr.Margee Kerr

Especially when it comes to social interaction, women tend to care more about what others think than men. Unfortunately, society tends to stereotype women, making it even harder for them to break free from others’ opinions and pursue their own desires with a clear mind.

How Women-only Gyms Empower Women to Achieve their Fitness Goals Without Fear of Judgement

Sometimes, women can find themselves in a negative gym atmosphere, which may just be a case of bad luck. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the atmosphere and crowds in the gym, try exploring other small, independent gyms or even women-only gyms. Women-only gyms not only provide fitness equipment and facilities designed specifically for women, but they also offer a more inclusive and supportive environment where everyone is working towards the same goal of improving their physique. Finding a comfortable and relaxed space to begin your fitness journey is key to overcoming any anxiety you may have.

While fitness should be a part of our daily routine, women often have to balance taking care of children, household chores, and work, leaving little time for themselves. This is especially true for women in Hong Kong, where work hours are long and life can be stressful. However, foreign women-only gyms provide childcare services, allowing mothers to temporarily leave their children with the gym’s caregivers and focus on their fitness routine. For example, Fernwood, a women-only gym in Australia, offers childcare services, giving mothers the opportunity to enjoy their “Me Time” at the gym without worrying about their children.

While childcare services are not yet available in Hong Kong’s gyms, it’s a promising direction for women seeking more opportunities and time for fitness. To start your fitness journey, finding the right gym is crucial. For women who desire a simple and pure workout experience, there are four women-only gyms available in Hong Kong. Foreign studies suggest that women-only gyms can enable women who experience anxiety when exercising to adapt to fitness activities more quickly and comfortably. Additionally, inviting a friend to join you on your fitness journey can provide encouragement and support.


“Her Pursuit, Her Freedom!” – her.gym’s flagship slogan, The candy-colored hues provide a sense of happiness and positivity, while the leisure area offers women the chance to bond and share their experiences with friends. And of course, it’s the perfect spot for an Instagram-worthy check-in!

Zomate Fitness HK

Zomate Fitness HK專為女生打造的健身室位於尖沙咀及上環都有分店,以女生健康體態為宗旨,無論器械到教學模式都以女生為本,提供不同女教練為學員一對一教學,制定適合女生的健身計劃。另外更設產前產後孕婦訓練,讓準媽媽們紓緩腰痠背痛問題並提升體能,令生產過程更為順利。


You may have your Exclusive Gym experience at fitnessbee in Sheung Wan. Our one-on-one training sessions offer the utmost privacy, and our brand new equipment is tailored specifically for women. Plus, our gym features convenient shower facilities, lockers, and a relaxation area to help you unwind post-workout. Don’t settle for less – join Fitness Bee and achieve your fitness goals in style!


Gainz fitness

Gainz Fitness is a women’s only independent gym located in Lai Chi Kok, run by professional female trainers. Enjoy the privacy of an independent gym with pre and postnatal training available. If you’re a working woman in Tsuen Wan, Kwai Chung, or Lai Chi Kok, Gainz Fitness is a fantastic fitness choice for you!”

From Beginner to Pro: The Crucial Role of Learning in the Fitness Journey

In addition to trying out different fitness venues, finding a gym environment and instructor that truly help alleviate another common source of anxiety – unfamiliarity with gym equipment. According to PureGym’s study, 45% of respondents experience anxiety when exercising due to feeling foolish, while 32% are anxious about unfamiliar gym equipment and movements. 

However, it’s important to remember that no one is born knowing how to work out. Learning proper techniques and equipment usage is a necessary process that can be supported through YouTube instructional videos or a fitness coach’s course. With repeated practice, the equipment that once caused anxiety will become a familiar tool, and the anxiety will disappear.

The perfect fitness environment is one where everyone is focused on their own workout and not paying attention to others. Don’t create unnecessary pressure, as some pressure may come from within. Once you learn to focus on your own practice, working out can become a personal journey where you can feel every muscle in your body working.

Learning is a necessary process, and even those with strong and healthy physiques have gone through the same journey of learning and doing. Don’t let fear and anxiety hold you back. With persistence and self-belief, you can become a confident and fearless fitness enthusiast who faces their weaknesses head-on.”

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