From Designer to Personal Trainer: The importance of finding true happiness in your work

If I wake up every day and feel unhappy and tired at the thought of going back to work, then that job is definitely not suitable for me.


Ami, majored in advertising design in college and worked as a graphic designer after graduation, but  currently becomes a personal trainer. After two or three years of working in the advertising industry, she gradually realized that she didn’t want to continue as a designer. With courage and determination, she stepped out of her comfort zone and turned her other interest, fitness, into a career, transforming herself into a healthy and confident Personal Trainer from scratch.

The society that suppresses creativity limits the scope of design work

In the eyes of the general public, those who work in advertising and graphic design are often described as “passionate,” “stylish,” and “creative.” However, behind the “passionate work” lies a very practical understanding that “the enthusiasm for work outweighs the income earned.” 

Ami said she always loved her job as a designer. However, after working as a designer for two or three years, she gradually felt that the advertising design industry had some problems. For example, the creative room was squeezed due to changes in the societal environment, and companies continued to choose cheaper creative products, which gradually eroded the efforts of designers in pursuing creativity.

Don’t get too used to it, it’s because we’ve gotten used to everything that you have to be like this.

– Sam (Liu Kai-chi) , “Ten Years. :Local Eggs”

At that time, the “Ten Years” movie quote by Sam (Liu Kai-chi) was applicable to the advertising industry in Hong Kong. Some people may say, “It’s expected in the advertising industry.” But do we have to get used to it? 

Ami mentioned that although the pathological aspects of the advertising industry have existed for a long time, the creative industry’s space is getting smaller and smaller. However, we still have the choice to accept and get used to it or choose a more happy and enjoyable job.

Ami said she has been interested in fitness since she was 18 years old, in addition to her passion for graphic design. One of the reasons why she decided to become a Personal Trainer was the encouragement and advice of her friends, which gave her the courage to change her career and become a new Personal Trainer.

Going from a desk job to a Personal Trainer was not easy at first. As a new coach, Ami had no students at first and spent her days watching her colleagues teach classes. When she started teaching and had to deal with various student issues, such as not feeling the muscles working during certain exercises or experiencing joint pain while performing certain movements, she would panic. However, she realized her limitations and began researching and continuously improving her abilities.

“First impression that girls have about fitness is “King Kong Barbie” “

“Usually, many girls are afraid of weight training at the beginning because they are afraid of becoming ‘Hulk Barbies’,” Ami’s words made me smile because I used to have the same idea. With the recent improvement in the fitness culture, more people appreciate the toned and healthy female body shape. Girls gradually understand that weight training is not only for those who want to lose weight, but also for those who are very thin and need to build muscles to have more strength and better health.

Building muscles and losing fat should be a daily routine for everyone, especially for girls who work in an office and have hunchback problems. “In fact, many of these are posture problems caused by long-term sitting or standing in the wrong position, coupled with a lack of knowledge on how to use the right muscles to exert force, resulting in poor posture, lack of spirit, and unattractive appearance.”

Every day, when there is a chance to take a break from the exhaustion and tension of commuting, people tend to relax and massage their muscles to relieve pain. However, as Ami pointed out, many people’s posture problems are actually caused by weak muscles, which is why we need to pay attention to our fitness.

Before Ami started her fitness journey, had the same body posture problems like many other girls.

The love of fitness which makes you a great Personal Trainer 
Your passions can be feel by students 

Ami believes that the key for girls who want to become Personal Traineres is the love of fitness. She also said, “Students can tell if you have a passion for fitness!” The most challenging part of the process was the practical teaching, which required her to be psychologically prepared and gain experience gradually.

During the pandemic, even though the gym was closed, Ami still practiced her fitness plan diligently at home.

Before switching careers, Ami made special savings to reduce the impact on her life and prepared herself for the difficult starting phase of the transition, making it relatively easier for her. As a female Personal Trainer, it is essential to lead by example, and her own fitness performance is the students’ role model. This is what gives Ami the greatest satisfaction in her work as a Personal Trainer, using her professional knowledge to help students make progress in their physical fitness, successfully build muscles, and lose fat.

As an advertising professional who understands Ami’s reflections on the current advertising industry, it is fortunate and courageous for her to develop her other interest into a full-time job.

Sometimes, switching careers is not an impulsive decision but a signal from your body and mind. Returning to your original intention and examining the present situation, the right job will naturally help you regain your confidence, reignite your passion, and find job satisfaction.


Information & Image Source:@gymimii

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