【WHY NOT BOLD】I have a social adjustment switch – Socially anxious model Zelia Zhong

Let’s talk about Bold. 

How would you define the word “Bold”? Fearless, confident and brave, striking, daring, audacious, beyond the usual boundaries, in bold.

“Bold” is a multifaceted word, just as everyone’s interpretation of “Bold” differs.

BBOLD, BE BOLD — Instead of us telling you how to Be Bold, let’s leave it to you to define.BBOLD has invited six women from diverse backgrounds to share their thoughts on Bold, starting from their own experiences.

The first one is Zelia Zhong.

Fairness doesn’t matter, giving your best does.

 Zelia Zhong

I boldly dub Zelia as the “Socially Awkward Model”.

Under the glare of spotlights and before the camera’s lens, she transforms into a poised, confident, and professional model. Her statuesque figure and cascading black hair are her trademarks. From her every expression to her lively gestures, you’d never imagine the stark contrast that lies beneath the surface: she’s a quintessential homebody. Social gatherings and networking events are carefully avoided, and coaxing her out of her front door often requires a Herculean effort. While many female celebrities work tirelessly to maintain their figures, she openly admits to lacking the motivation, preferring to indulge in Korean dramas at home.

Growing up, Zelia was accustomed to solitude, left to watch television on her own due to her family’s work commitments. She spent most of her time talking to herself, and her introverted, quiet demeanour even led teachers to mistakenly suspect she had autism. Who would have thought that the girl who spent her days in front of the television would one day grace our screens?

This model, who wasn’t naturally inclined towards socialising, made a life-altering decision to leave her relatively comfortable job in Shanghai and relocate to Hong Kong. Suddenly, she had to adapt to a new place and a new language. It wasn’t easy, but she possessed an internal switch for adaptation. To pursue her passion for modelling, she learned to balance her extroverted and introverted sides.

It was an inner journey of self-improvement. She challenged herself to take photos for a hundred strangers while traveling, break the ice in unfamiliar environments, and initiate conversations. When her emotions felt trapped, she opened up on social media, serving as a confidante (she calls them friends, not fans) and finding solace in comforting others.

Life can throw burdens upon us that seem unbearable, requiring immense inner strength. Perhaps it’s these very challenges that forge us into stronger versions of ourselves.

Today, Zelia is not just a model in static photographs; she’s also pursuing a path in acting. She wants to break free from the inertia of modelling, not just striking beautiful poses, but tackling uncharted roles. She’s willing to shave her head, embrace ugliness, perform challenging stunts, practice lines in front of the mirror hundreds, even thousands of times.
She says, “People are limited, but the possibilities in the world are limitless.” But can’t you sense that this young woman herself possesses limitless potential?”

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