Cath Wong: Praise Me Loudly If You Doubt Life An Exclusive Interview on Her New Song《黃言》

Cath Wong has a unique philosophy, which she calls “Wong’s Philosophy”:

  1. Be willing to endure hardships; don’t focus solely on immediate gains.
  2. Be kind; others’ attitudes should not influence your principles.
  3. Recognize and praise yourself; after all, surviving is already an incredible feat.

“I’m quite stubborn. What might seem like trivial principles to others are philosophies I will adhere to for life,” Cath asserts. In line with this, she recently released a new song, 《黃言》, a self-praising anthem. During our interview, I asked her to list three things she deserves praise for. After some thought, she said, “I think I sing quite well, I cook decently, and I write songs pretty nicely.” Her tone carried a hint of uncertainty, and she sounded slightly reserved.

“In the past, I often criticized myself. After an interview, a performance, or writing a song, I would circle what I did poorly,” she admits. “But I realized that continuing this would only lower my mood and self-confidence. In truth, there are many things about myself worth praising! So now, even for the smallest, most trivial things, I will praise myself.”

Indeed, praising oneself requires practice. In Asian societies, people are often stingy with compliments, especially self-praise. In the digital age, negativity tends to outweigh positivity. Cath wasn’t always adept at giving compliments; it takes courage to praise others. 《黃言》 is her practice in self-appreciation.

Some describe her as a “healing singer”, especially in her earlier works that were filled with positivity. However, maintaining a consistently positive attitude is challenging, and constant suppression can have adverse effects. “During the pandemic, I wanted my songs to help everyone navigate through negative emotions. I know you’re in the darkness, the path is rugged, but together, we can shine brightly. The light we gather together is more radiant,” she explains. Cath genuinely hopes that when people listen to her music in happy times, their joy will be multiplied. In sad times, her songs can be a companion, sharing in their emotions.

In life, whether in good times or bad, praise the good and the bad. Does this sound like mere self-comfort? Perhaps “acknowledgment” is a more fitting term. Taking a step back, simply surviving to this day is remarkable. Focusing on what we do well and acknowledging ourselves more can help us move forward. Without self-acknowledgment, it’s hard to keep going.

She rarely checks online comments about her, trusting her team to highlight areas for improvement. Cath emphasizes that the worst thing in creation is comparison, and listening to too many opinions can lead to confusion. Instead, she takes a step back, evaluating her work objectively as a third party. “I won’t let myself stop, I demand progress from myself.”

Everyone must face their negative energy, and Cath is no exception. As an “INFJ” (Advocate), she tends to engage in self-dialogue and organize her thoughts in solitude when facing difficulties. Another INFJ trait is caring for others to the point of neglecting her own emotions. Thus, she has learned to write everything down to find the root of her troubles.

INFJs possess strong empathy and a sense of mission. Cath insists on creating “soulful works” and firmly believes that audiences will feel the genuine emotions embedded in them. “If a piece moves me, I believe it can move others as well.”

Returning to “Wong’s Philosophy”, I can only describe it as “honest and self-sacrificial” (even though the first rule is to be willing to endure hardships). Cath strongly believes in the law of attraction, stating that her personal experiences prove its validity, she is surrounded by kind people and a loving team. When asked about the superpower she most desires, she mentioned having “super memory”. However, she laughed, saying that her forgetfulness actually makes her life more carefree. She neither holds grudges nor remembers them. Kind-hearted people are often a bit silly and forgetful. Perhaps we should praise her forgetfulness and wish her to maintain this childlike heart, continuing to embody the spirit of Wong’s Philosophy.

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