【WHY NOT BOLD】 An Indian Visage with a Hong Kong Soul:Pranali Gupta, the Hong Kong-India Cultural KOL

Let’s talk about Bold. 

How would you define the word “Bold”? Fearless, confident and brave, striking, daring, audacious, beyond the usual boundaries, in bold.

“Bold” is a multifaceted word, just as everyone’s interpretation of “Bold” differs.

BBOLD, BE BOLD — Instead of us telling you how to Be Bold, let’s leave it to you to define.BBOLD has invited six women from diverse backgrounds to share their thoughts on Bold, starting from their own experiences.

The last one is New Dellily.

New Dellily

Within the labyrinthine weave of cultural identities, this young woman graces the world under two names: in New Delhi, she is Pranali Gupta, whereas in the bustling streets of Hong Kong, she is hailed as Lily. As an indigenous Indian immersed in the vibrant tapestry of Hong Kong, her command of Cantonese often rivals her fluency in her mother tongue.

Possessing a visage that stirs the curiosity of those she encounters, her origins inevitably spark intrigue. Hong Kong, a cosmopolitan hub, harbours relatively scant knowledge about India, an enigmatic land, and thus, the queries ensue: “Do you indulge in the aromatic allure of curry at home?”, “Do your parents orchestrate arranged unions?” ‘Is it a perilous journey for a lady in the lanes of India?’ These questions, emanating more from uninformed inquisitiveness than malice, project veils of stereotypes, unveiling an ocean of the unknown. When she ventures back to India to visit her kin, Lily readily steps into the role of a cultural emissary, patiently unraveling the web of these inquiries. It was then that a friend proposed a unique path: to embark on a voyage as a Hong Kong-India cultural Key Opinion Leader (KOL), a transformative juncture in her odyssey.

Lily, often adorned with a smile that could rival the effulgent sun, emanates an aura of geniality. Yet, paradoxically, this radiant soul once bore the weight of self-doubt in her tender years, primarily tethered to her own skin tone.

In a concerted endeavour to meld her into the local culture, her family insisted she enrol in a Hong Kong school. In an ocean of unfamiliar faces, she stood as the solitary foreign visage, a soft target for uninformed jests. During lunch breaks, her lunchbox bore the brunt of their ignorance, becoming a canvas for thoughtless ridicule. She was marked as the “outsider”, the “anomaly”, all due to the uniqueness of her appearance. Yet, her response remained one of resilience. Young Lily strove to craft her own niche within the Hong Kong community, mirroring her peers, embracing their traditions, delving into their preferences, even immersing herself in the world of Cantonese cartoons. The question inevitably arose, “Have you ever thought of returning to India?” To this, her response was tinged with incredulity, “Why return to a place I have never truly known as home?”

Her video chronicles offer a profound glimpse into Indian culture, unfolding its essence with an intimacy that resonates deeply. Traditional Indian attire, the melange of flavours in Indian cuisine, and the rich tapestry of a distinctive culture. “One must first embrace oneself, for only then shall others follow suit.” Hong Kong, she ardently asserts, is her sanctuary. On her visits to India, it is she who often assumes the role of the inquisitive traveler. During her leisure hours, she ardently explores and chronicles the hidden treasures of Hong Kong. Her insights into the city’s gastronomic and recreational delights are as impeccable as the demands of her official occupation. In essence, she embodies the essence of relatability, transcending distinctions.

Although many may initially notice her nationality or complexion, with the passage of time, it becomes evident that, whether as the embodiment of New Delhi’s Pranali or the vibrant persona of Hong Kong’s Lily, both emanate an inimitable charm, a resplendent duality.

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