【WHY NOT BOLD】Stepping into the Oz: Independent Singer-songwriter Dorothy Lau

Let’s talk about Bold. 

How would you define the word “Bold”? Fearless, confident and brave, striking, daring, audacious, beyond the usual boundaries, in bold.

“Bold” is a multifaceted word, just as everyone’s interpretation of “Bold” differs.

BBOLD, BE BOLD — Instead of us telling you how to Be Bold, let’s leave it to you to define.BBOLD has invited six women from diverse backgrounds to share their thoughts on Bold, starting from their own experiences.

The next one is Dorothy Lau.

Dorothy Lau

I aspire to achieve my targets, and only then will I leave

She embodies the real-life Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, who, six years ago, traversed the realms from Oz (Australia) back to the enchanting embrace of Hong Kong, all in pursuit of her harmonious reverie.

Dorothy, as an art scholar, weaves an exclusive aesthetic tapestry. She luxuriates in the power of sartorial choices, the allure of oversized couture, and the magnetic charm of incongruous styles. She eloquently likens her chosen attire to a suit of armor, one with a touch of rebellion and an indomitable spirit that mirrors her inner essence. She is a maestro of nail artistry, a fashion virtuoso, a luminary music video director, and an indie musical virtuosa. With a medley of identities, she resolutely refuses to be pigeonholed into any single role. If it beckons, she yearns to explore it. Thus, Dorothy’s voyage, much like the odyssey of Dorothy of Oz, has been nothing short of a fantastical sojourn.

Her decision to return to Hong Kong was cast in stone. Forsaking her post at an Australian gallery, she undertook the herculean task of translocating her entire life to the vibrant heart of Hong Kong. It wasn’t a meticulously choreographed symphony of events, rather, it was a daring leap of faith. Alas, as the chronicle of life oftentimes unfurls, sheer determination doesn’t always guarantee instantaneous success, and the musical odyssey she’d envisioned was not an immediate reality. Instead, guided by a friend’s referral, she found herself immersed in the role of an assistant art director… However, as the adage wisely posits, much like the tale of The Alchemist, “When you truly desire something, the entire universe conspires to make it happen.”

At twenty and twenty six, Dorothy harboured an unwavering ardour for music. She sometimes cast an envious eye towards those prodigious songstresses who unfurled their melodies in their nascent twenties. Yet, she also recognized that life’s crucibles had fostered the evolution of her creative expression. She embraced the thorns that lined her path, birthing creations with enduring resonance. Perhaps this is the fervent wish of every artist’s heart.

Support for independent musicians can be scarce, and heartfelt creations may not always yield the expected response. Maybe art and reward are never directly proportional. Dorothy found solace in encouraging herself: even if only a few appreciate her work this time, it’s still more than the last, providing her the motivation to continue. The road is not easy, but she finally glimpses the dawn in the distance.

“I hold a firm belief that each endeavour bears its unique opportunity course.” It’s not just a mantra for the young, maturation schooled Dorothy in the art of resource allocation, time management, and the fine art of discernment. A mere year since her debut, she counts herself among the fortunate few (Of course, that fortune is but another facet of talent). Achieving results that justify her fervour, she clings to her unapologetic audacity, resolute in her resolve to ride the winds of adventure, Dorothy, the modern-day voyager.

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