【VOICE OF HER】 I’ve Never had a Comfort Zone – Irving Cheung

I’ve never had a comfort zone because I’ve never felt the need to create one

Irving Cheung

“I’m an art director, costume designer, commercial director, shop owner, artist, and a mom… Well, or something along those lines!” That’s how Irving introduced herself during the interview. One might wonder if she’s a freelancer, given her diverse roles that may seem overwhelming and limit her freedom. However, every one of these roles is a result of her deliberate choices and is wholeheartedly embraced with passion.

Irving studied fine arts with the dream of becoming an artist. However, her early exposure to the world of film, thanks to her sister, led her down the path of becoming an art director. With her trained aesthetics and discerning eye, she not only excelled in set design but also ventured into costume design. When the pandemic brought film productions to a halt, she refused to be idle. Instead, she took the initiative to establish her own brand and even stepped into the role of director, juggling a busy career while caring for her daughter.

The cliché advice of stepping outside one’s comfort zone and embracing new experiences doesn’t resonate with Irving. For her, life has never been about seeking comfort in a predefined space. Returning to Hong Kong after an extended period of studying abroad, she found novelty and fascination in the familiar. Approaching her surroundings as a curious traveller, she delighted in getting lost and exploring the unknown. The idea of creating a defined “zone” for comfort seems unnecessary to her. She firmly believes that true comfort stems from self-awareness and the ability to find joy wherever you are. It is her refusal to set limits on herself that has paved the way for her diverse talents and accomplishments today.

It’s as if drawing a line between comfort and discomfort in life ends up constraining your imagination and abilities. If you never drew that line in the first place, it seems like there are no boundaries to what you can explore, without needing to overcome any psychological barriers.

You can venture without a destination, without relying on navigation, and allow yourself to get lost, for it will lead you to go even further.

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