【WHY NOT BOLD】Behind Every Mom: Heroes and Villains – Interviewing Rosa Maria Velasco

In “Time Still Turns the Pages (2023)”, the character of Heidi, portrayed by Rosa, is perhaps the most merciless mother imaginable. Her cruelty is vividly depicted through her actions of hitting and berating her child in the film, alongside a heart-wrenching declaration that any potential divorce would be solely the child’s fault, culminating in her ultimate decision to abandon her family altogether.

However, it’s crucial to distinguish Rosa from her on-screen persona, for in real life, she embodies the very essence of maternal love. 

The Right to Cry as a Mother

Having been with her husband since 2001 and married after a 13-year courtship, they welcomed their daughter Mia seven years later. Rosa describes Mia as the culmination of two decades of love between her and her husband. She humorously credits the pandemic, saying, “Thanks to COVID!” for their natural approach to parenthood, which was realized a few months after accepting the possibility of not conceiving. Rosa expresses profound gratitude for Mia’s presence, describing her as a blessing that unveiled capacities she was previously unaware of, including an immense capacity for love and revealing latent aspects of herself.

Rosa has often been portrayed in the media as someone easily moved to tears, a characterization she embraces. She questions the stigma associated with crying, especially in adults, arguing that expressing sadness should not be perceived as a sign of weakness. She shares the view that our emotions, including sadness, are intrinsic parts of our humanity and should not be hidden.

Rosa’s reflections on motherhood, particularly as a working mom, reveal the constant tug-of-war between professional obligations and the emotional pull of her child. She speaks candidly about the emotional transparency she maintains with her daughter, emphasizing the importance of showing vulnerability and facing challenges together.

Unexpected joys have marked Rosa’s life, mirroring the surprises of motherhood with her recent foray into film. Since 2023, Rosa has increasingly appeared on the big screen, diversifying her roles beyond the stage. She insists, however, that her heart remains with theater, reassuring theater enthusiasts of her continued presence.

The Faulty Switch of Solitude

Rosa delves into the theme of loneliness in “Time Still Turns the Pages (2023)”, interpreting it not as the absence of company but as a lack of love. She recounts a deleted scene where Heidi’s application of ointment on her son turns into a shared moment of tears, underscoring the complex relationship between parent and child, even amidst dysfunction.

She’s Not the Monster Mom

Despite her harsh on-screen role, Rosa’s real-life perspective on parenting is filled with empathy and love. She emphasizes the importance of teaching children self-worth, encouraging them to recognize their unique value without succumbing to external pressures or doubts about their capabilities.

Rosa’s Diary

Rosa’s personal “Young Diaries” could well be filled with reflections on growth, resilience, and the pursuit of understanding beyond one’s comfort zone. As she navigates the pressures of the entertainment industry and the anticipatory buzz around the awards season, Rosa remains committed to balancing her professional aspirations with the joys and challenges of motherhood, eagerly looking forward to shining at the upcoming awards ceremony.

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