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It is often said that daughters bear a striking resemblance to their fathers, not only in terms of inherited traits and appearance, but also in the paths they choose in life. Daughters are often described as their fathers’ “lover of previous life”, the role of a father is already intertwined with his daughter long even before this life, and in this lifetime, he becomes the primary male figure who shapes their lives. This profound connection is far from simple. The origin of Father’s Day itself can be traced back to a dutiful daughter, Sonora Smart Dodd from the United States, who sought to express gratitude for her father’s nurturing of her and her five siblings. Through relentless efforts, she campaigned to establish “Father’s Day” with the mayor, state government and various organisations. Finally, in 1972, it became an officially recognized commemorative day in the United States.
On Father’s Day, let us delve into the lives of four daughters who wholeheartedly carry forward their fathers’ legacies, simultaneously bringing pride to their fathers.

The girl who folds clothes for her dad

Amancio hails from a secluded fishing village in La Coruña, Spain. Growing up amidst the turmoil of the Spanish Civil War, he left school at the tender age of 14 and joined a renowned local clothing store. Starting as a delivery boy, he worked his way up to become an assistant tailor. At 27, Amancio was tasked with selling high-end women’s robes but discovered only a handful of people were interested. This sparked a brilliant idea, he sourced affordable fabrics, and thus, he opened his own store specialising in affordable and stylish sleepwear The brand’s marketing strategy revolved around using budget-friendly materials to create designs resembling expensive ones found elsewhere, but at half the price. The result? Tremendous popularity and success.

After Amancio, there came Marta, his daughter. Determined to start from the bottom, she chose to work at her father’s clothing store right on the frontline. This privileged young lady took on the role of a sales associate at the King’s Road branch, learning the ropes from folding and ironing clothes to managing the warehouse and operating the till. For fifteen years, she immersed herself in the company’s structure, never receiving any special treatment. Finally, in 2022, she took over her father’s business, leading the entire group to venture into new markets. Her capabilities were widely recognized, making her the perfect successor to carry the torch.

This father is Amancio Ortega Gaona, the wealthiest man in Spain, and his daughter is Marta Ortega Pérez. Their family’s clothing store is called ZARA, a globally renowned fast fashion brand that undoubtedly has its items in your wardrobe.

Her story, not her surname

The girl hails from a renowned American wrestling family, where three generations are involved in professional wrestling. Inspired by her predecessors, she has harboured a strong aspiration to pursue a career in professional wrestling since her early years.  Whenever she watched her father’s wrestling matches, she felt an undeniable sense of connection. Upon sharing her desire to enter the world of professional wrestling, her father comprehended the arduous journey that lay ahead, yet unwaveringly supported her decision and emphasised the importance of remaining true to herself.

When the news broke that she would be joining the WWE Performance Center, it caused quite a stir in society, as it marked the first-ever instance of “family legacy” within the WWE. Taking on the ring name Ava, she was fully aware of the pressure and expectations that would come under the bright lights. As a highly anticipated newcomer, she aspires to surpass her father’s accomplishments and carve out her own identity in the wrestling world. This is particularly evident now that she is a member of The Schism, a villainous faction led by Joe Gacy, as she is determined to separate herself completely from her father’s shadow. Since officially joining the WWE Performance Center in February 2020 for professional wrestling training, Ava has been recognized as the most promising rookie, showing remarkable progress.

Simone Johnson, also known as Ava, bears the legacy of a famous wrestling family. Even if you’re not acquainted with her grandfather Rocky Johnson, her uncle Roman Reigns, cousins The Usos, or even her great-grandfather Peter Maivia, there’s no doubt you’re familiar with her father, Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock.

The High-Speed Saga of a Racing Duo

Witness the incredible racing tale of this father-daughter duo, set in Taiwan. The father, a trailblazing racer, etched his name as the first-ever Chinese competitor in the renowned Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race. 

During her childhood, her father would take her to the race track whenever he had the chance. At first, she didn’t have much interest and even seemed a bit resistant. But as time went on, she couldn’t help but be influenced by her father’s passion and gradually started to immerse herself in the world of racing.

Clad in the bulky racing gear and helmet, her striking figure hides the burden of an unbreathable, multi-layered fire-resistant suit. Enduring the blistering air inside the car, breaking through on the race track is no easy feat for a woman. Undeterred, she abandoned her studies, clutching the steering wheel tightly, and single-mindedly pursued her goal.

Her dad always modestly attributes his success in racing to relentless effort and unwavering determination. However, when it comes to his daughter, he proudly declares her as a racing prodigy. From her very first race, she clinched the championship title, and at the tender age of 18, she stands alone as the world’s youngest female driver to compete in the prestigious and challenging GT3 series, making an indelible impression on the podium. Finally, in March of this year, she etched her name in history by becoming the first-ever female driver to seize the coveted championship at the The Sepang 12 Hours.

This father-daughter duo is none other than the Taiwan racing legend Chen Chun-Shan, the founder of the Asian AAI racing team, and his daughter, Betty Chen.

 Don’t bow your head, the halo will fall

Her parents are renowned superstars in the entertainment industry, and she, too, possesses a deep passion for singing. Not only does she possess innate talent, but she also radiates extraordinary brilliance.

However, from her very young age, her parents went through a divorce, leaving her with her mother’s body type, which made her struggle with weight issues. In the demanding world of Hong Kong entertainment, where the audience has high expectations for female artists’ physical appearance, she faced added pressure to meet those standards.

Fate played a prank on her, so she learned to face the camera with a smile.

Since the age of fifteen, she has been immersed in the entertainment industry, exploring various roles as an actress, a spokesperson for slimming products, and pursuing her true passion as a singer-songwriter. Unfortunately, her body shape and family background have often overshadowed her artistic achievements. The loss of her mother and the strained relationship with her father have made her “second-gen celebrity” identity more like a constricting curse than a halo. She has persevered through her own efforts, continuously shining on the stage throughout these years. Establishing her own company, holding spectacular concerts at prestigious venues, and earning numerous accolades as a female artist, her journey has been paved with determination and sweat. Today, few people discuss her physical appearance or refer to her as someone’s daughter. She is simply Joyce Cheng, standing proudly on her own.

Her parents, Adam Cheng and Lydia Shum, are revered figures in the Hong Kong film and television industry. However, in this generation, Joyce Cheng has surpassed the shadow of her parents and emerged as a true powerhouse, a genuine “goddess” known for her exceptional talent and presence.

Not everyone has the privilege of having their father by their side growing up and not all father-daughter relationships are guaranteed. However, we often discover a glimpse of our fathers within ourselves. Regardless of age, daughters still long to occasionally seek their father’s tenderness, while also wanting to prove their own maturity and growth in his presence.

Happy Father’s Day!

Photo source: Elite Daily, POPSUGAR, am730, WE PEOPLE

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