Inheriting Sunset Hand Craft Engrave figure and build her own brandInterviewing with Boli Jewellery Studio’s Eva

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The hand-made market has lasted for many years, every time I go to the hand-made market, I am most afraid of seeing the same, very similar works, I believe that it is because of many times that some of the hand-made thresholds are low, relatively easy to learn, easy to use, and over time I once lost my interest in visiting the hand-made market. At the beginning of this year, there was a market where there was an opportunity to “pick up the shop”, although there were not many stalls, but people were pleasantly surprised to encounter an eye-catching handmade product, that is, hand-typed silver jewelry, the pattern on the silver jewelry is extremely detailed, although it is cold to the touch, it looks full of temperature. This small shop is Eva’s one-man studio, Boli Jewellery Studio.

Named after BOLI, it comes from a black cat raised by Eva, who sits quietly in front of the window on full moon days and watches the moon rise from behind the mountain. The brand concept is a cat, a metalworking table, indulging in the process of exercising craftsmanship, and the process of replacing the sun and the moon makes the process more and more sophisticated. Eva says that she is still a long way from being a craftsman, but she will strive to make each piece a good job with the spirit of craftsmanship.

“Knocking on the gavel one by one, slowly carving the form, showing the serene and slow posture of life, as elegant as a cat, as wanton as a cat.”

From doing furniture design to falling in love with jewelry design

Eva studied industrial design in college, and before she came into contact with these delicate handmade pendants, she was originally making large-scale furniture, mechanical and electrical products. After graduating, she came across someone who made very small rotating Ferris wheel earrings out of brass, and she realized that it was possible to make such delicate pieces by hand.

After learning about it, she dared to try something new and was full of action, and soon enrolled in a jewelry course. Eva said, “After in-depth study of Xi, I found that the skills of the original craft, the stability of the hands, and the control of the temperature all require time to forge the chain. Only by doing countless works and accumulating enough experience can I do what I want.” So she started developing the craft, hoping to hone her craft by selling her work.

Eva’s hard work isn’t just rhetoric, her belief comes from her master: “The older generation of masters used to say that when you only hold the position of the tool, you start to really start stepping into the door of this world.” This remark made me feel that Eva is a girl who is very demanding of herself and very determined. I believe that with this belief, she will make rapid progress and continue to produce more good works.

Childhood Fear of the Sea became one of the inspirations

The fear of the deep sea during childhood became an influential source of inspiration for Boli Jewellery Studio’s unique handcrafted pieces. As a diver, I am particularly drawn to the recent fish collection, known as the “Fish Illustrated Series,” for its remarkable attention to detail and diverse designs. The whale-like creations are also captivating, where even yesterday’s dinner dace has been transformed into one of the pendants. It’s fascinating to see how it all ties back to Eva’s story and her deep connection with the underwater world.

Eva’s upbringing by the sea, with her parents’ profound love for the marine realm, involved frequent beach trips for diving and fishing. This upbringing taught her how to discern whether the creatures by the seashore were suitable for consumption. The initial fish designs were all inspired by the edible fish found in Hong Kong. Recalling her first dive as a young girl in primary school, she expressed, “I was so frightened and hesitant because of my tender age. My fear almost prevented me from taking the plunge into the water.”

People often succumb to feelings of unease and intimidation when faced with the unknown. Nevertheless, Eva’s father swiftly dispelled her fears using a clever ruse. She recalled, “In the end, my dad gave me a little nudge, and as I sank into the water, I was astonished to discover that my surroundings were crystal clear. It wasn’t at all as I had imagined. Instead, it was teeming with schools of vibrant fish and countless tiny creatures, each engrossed in its own activities.” Her focus rapidly shifted from apprehension to keen observation and immersive learning, truly capturing the vivid and astonishing underwater world.

Inheriting Sunset Hand Craft Engrave figure

In addition to many unique and rare fish charms, it is worth mentioning that the work behind the works is also one of the handicrafts of the sunset in Hong Kong.

Eva explains that the patterns on the fish are actually carved using a traditional technique called lotting: “After completing the jewellery course, I found that there were many small branches of goldsmithing, and batching was just one of them. After the glorious period of jewellery in the 80s, many craftsmen have returned to the Mainland, and there are very few traditional craftsmen left in Hong Kong.

The principle is the same as carving, but the metal will show very sharp and bright lines. After she learned about this craft, she Xi learned it with Master Wu, and until now she continues to practice the craft, hoping to pass on this handicraft and kung fu.

Some people may find it troublesome and hard, but she sees the process of painting flowers as fun: “When I make a fish out of the fish, the process of batching fish scales is repeated many times, and countless oval shapes are arranged together. For her, this is not hard, but a kind of spiritual precipitation and healing.

Enjoy the process of craftsmanship Even only alone

This art is relatively unpopular in Hong Kong compared to other handmade aromatherapy and jewelry, and handmade silver jewelry, not only because of the high technical threshold, but also the cost of equipment. But for Eva, working in a one-man studio is something that can be enjoyed by one person, and when asked about the work that most resembles her own, she mentioned: “I once made a whole humpback whale pendant, and it was also the most satisfying humpback whale I have ever done. It’s like my handicraft development, although I will meet my peers, even if I am the only one left, I will continue to enjoy the process of honing my craft, and I hope to go higher and further.”

Every craftsman’s greatest wish is to find a soulmate. Eva encounters a variety of customer feedback every time she sets up a market, and she appreciates every guest who supports and values her work. She is grateful for the guests who take the time to comment on her pieces, whether they like it or not. Interacting with everyone in the market has become the nourishment for her creative journey. Despite some customers feeling that her handicrafts are priced too high, Eva faces this with a mature attitude, acknowledging that not everyone will appreciate or want her work. She believes that there will always be people who value her creations.

To those who have always persevered

Eva mentioned that hosting “To those who have always persevered” at lifemarthk was a particularly memorable experience. It was the first time she felt that her work was truly recognized and appreciated, providing a significant boost to every creator.

The most memorable customer bought the “snapper button.” The interaction with him was the most profound for Eva. She recalled that he was part of a middle-aged couple who recognized her bream fish pin after a walk and addressed it by name accurately. It turned out that they had a fondness for sea bream. This snapper pin is a part of Eva’s Fish Book series. She shared that Japanese sea bream is a symbol of good luck and a traditional holiday food, making it a cherished motif for her. It was the first piece she felt was acknowledged as a work of art, providing the motivation to continue her creative journey.

Source : : IG@BoliJewelleryStudio

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