Their Inspiring Journey Eco-Conscious GirlsTurn Imperfect Fruits into Delightful Dried Fruits and Nutritious Fruit Powder

Founded by young girl Fioni and her brother, not only powder is a new brand that transforms ugly fruits and leftover fruits into delicious, healthy and convenient fruit crunches and crisp smoothies, which not only retains 95% of the fruit’s nutrients through freezing technology, but also extends the life cycle to 1 year. With the development of science and technology, the “bottom orange” that everyone disliked in the past now has a new way out. Some people will use these ugly-looking “oranges” to make drinks, while others will turn these ugly fruits into delicious “fruit powders and smoothies” to free it from the eyes of the world.

Reflection on where 3,000 tons of leftover food will go

The Hong Kong Productivity Council’s Food Waste Recycling Project, launched in 2011, tackles the issue of surplus food by allocating $60 million to subsidize composting equipment installation in housing estates. However, the challenge of edible leftover food in supermarkets and markets remains unresolved. In response, some individuals have taken matters into their own hands, establishing their brands and repurposing leftover food to create useful culinary creations.

Meet Fioni, the visionary entrepreneur who was inspired to start her business after encountering fruit growers in Taiwan during her childhood. Reflecting on her orchard visits, she questioned, “Who would reject oddly-shaped or visually unappealing fruits?”

It was only two years ago that Fioni experienced the issue of food waste firsthand and discovered the alarming statistics in Hong Kong. “Nearly 3,000 tonnes of food are discarded daily in Hong Kong, with one-third still being perfectly edible. Often, it’s merely due to imperfections or visual flaws, particularly with fruits,” she revealed.

Motivated by this revelation, Fioni and her brother embarked on a mission to minimize leftovers, extend their shelf life, and give them a new lease on life.

Prepare for the challenge of a new concept

In fact, Fiioni was not familiar with food production at first, so it took a lot of time to research and consult relevant people to transform ugly fruits, and finally tried to turn ugly fruits into water and powder, which can be used with drinks, desserts, and smoothies to turn them into useful products. Not only powder’s fruit powder is first frozen into fruit freeze-dried through freezing technology, and then ground into powder, this technology through a low temperature of about -40 degrees, and then through the sublimation process, reduce the chance of nutrient structure destruction, without adding any ingredients or sugar, is also made of all-natural fruits. If the oven is usually used, the high temperature of the production will lead to the loss of nutrients

Women’s Efforts onPromoting Eco-Friendly Leftovers for a Sustainable Future

Fioni shared that women are more concerned about food health than men, and they are also careful to understand what they eat, so women are generally more likely than men to come into contact with and understand “green leftovers”. In addition, she believes that women often play the role of purchasing ingredients, and they also pay attention to the packaging of the product, the story behind it, the impact of the product, and so on. She knows many young mothers, or office workers aged 25-40, who are not only interested in quality and price, but also she is willing to support environmentally friendly products with actions.

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Source:Feeding Hong Kong

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