Feeling uncomfortable when alone? That’s because schools never taught us how to be alone

Do you remember when you were a student, no matter where you went, there were always one or two classmates accompanying you? And schools always organized many group activities to teach you how to cooperate and blend in with the crowd. But now you’re all grown up, and your company regularly organizes team-building activities, and you need to have team power to get things done.

Why didn’t schools ever teach us how to be alone? Do you ever feel uncomfortable when you’re alone? In recent years, there has been a new idea that women need to learn to be comfortable being alone to live freely. If you hate being alone and are afraid of being too quiet, it’s just that you don’t know how to enjoy being alone. It’s okay, we can also learn to be alone and enjoy our own time.

Choose solitude for happiness, but there will be times when loneliness strikes. At this time, don’t immediately flee from loneliness for the sake of seeking stimulation. Please think of it as a practice, and endure it for a while. After endurance, there will be a rich and fulfilling time to come.

Famous British philosopher Bertrand Russell (1872-1970)

If you naturally know how to enjoy being alone, congratulations! Only by being alone can you constantly get closer to your ideal self.

If you avoid being alone, now is a good time to start learning. The ability to be alone can also be developed step by step!

The materials needed to learn to be alone: yourself and a comfortable space.

Smart people know a saying: low-quality socializing is not as good as high-quality solitude.

Usually, to avoid being alone, you may attend some dinners that you are not interested in. When these meaningless gatherings do not fill your emptiness, they end up consuming your energy. When the crowd disperses and the night falls silent, your sense of emptiness will only be infinitely magnified. It’s time to give up these days, otherwise, in the future, you will only become more and more tired. Moreover, if you pack your schedule with gatherings, where is the time to improve yourself? It’s always more important to improve yourself than to please others.

Make good use of your alone time and bury yourself in projects that interest and are professional to you, and you will reap rewards. The editor likes to light candles and play music she likes when she’s alone in her room. In this space, she can do whatever she wants or simply do nothing. Accumulated emotions will quickly dissipate. Slowly, you will find that spending time on yourself, eating well, sleeping well, and exercising is actually an expression of self-love.

An elegant and free soul does not care about what others say. The editor likes being alone because she doesn’t have to accommodate anyone. She does what she likes, so free and easy! (I can even stuff chips into my mouth!)

Being alone is a powerful ability

When you start being alone, you may still not be used to it, so treat it as a self-cultivation practice. When your mind is clear, your thoughts are especially clear. You can take advantage of this private time to communicate with your inner self. Write down your thoughts and things that you have not found a solution to and deal with them one by one. Only by being alone can you see your true self. Slowly, you will be addicted to being alone, and then you will have the powerful ability to be independent without being isolated, and have spiritual and mental richness.

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