The Misconception of “Earthing”?

There is a saying that “Earthing” women do not age, and “Earthing” women live more beautifully. What exactly is “Earthing”? It is not a medical beauty treatment that requires injections or instruments, but it has cosmetic effects and excellent health benefits. The best part is that it is completely free! 

So, what is “Earthing”?

“Earthing leads to long life,” as the older generation often says. Have you ever had someone suggest that you go outside and soak up some sun or walk on the grass to “Earthing” when you were sick or feeling low? It turns out that “Earthing” is one of the methods for purifying the body and has scientific proof! Let’s talk about our ancestors. They walked barefoot, slept on the ground, hunted, and gathered. They were constantly exposed to water, air, soil, and sunlight. They believed that all organisms, including humans, were interconnected. It’s like cats and dogs don’t wear shoes naturally. It’s just that people wear shoes for more comfortable walking. Even now, with advanced technology, electromagnetic waves are everywhere, and their intensity is increasing. Since the human body is a conductor, we are interfered with by external electromagnetic waves every day and absorb a lot of static electricity into our bodies, which is omnipresent. If you like to wear plastic shoes every day, it will isolate you from the necessary connection with the earth.

The impact of excessive static electricity in the body

When there is too much static electricity in the body and there is no place to discharge it, static electricity will wreak havoc inside the body, directly affecting our endocrine balance and causing blood cells to stick together. It affects oxygen transport, nutrient absorption, and detoxification functions, leading to many chronic diseases. Many people have poor appetite, chronic fatigue, poor memory, insomnia, emotional excitement, migraine, chest tightness, and even serious heart disease, infertility, cancer, and so on, are caused by excessive static electricity in the body.

What is Earthing?

Earthing does not mean walking barefoot at home (the older generation usually gets excited when they see this scene). The most direct way is to connect with the earth-walking barefoot on grass, soil, or sandy beaches, where there is direct sunlight. You can also choose to embrace trees. Just 30 minutes of Earthing can relieve static electricity, and the longer the Earthing time, the better.

A review published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine (2017) stated that “human studies indicate that Earthing may represent a simple, natural, and yet profoundly effective clinical strategy against the global epidemic of non-communicable, degenerative, and inflammation-related disorders.”

Benefits of Earthing

・Instantly relieve body pain・Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
・Relieve anxiety and depression
・Relieve muscle soreness and tension・Help with sleep・Overcome jet lag
・Reduce chronic inflammation・Antioxidant ・Balance Hormone secretion 
・Balance blood pressure
・Improve menstrual pain or menopausal discomfort・Help surgical wounds heal 
・Drain edema・Enhance immunity

The earth is the best doctor, and it’s time to return to nature

Modern people spend more time in buildings than on the streets. In addition to daily work, they sit in air-conditioned rooms facing computers every day, and their phones are always with them. Even when they go to the bathroom, they don’t want to put them down, and they sleep with their phones! When was the last time you connected with nature? You might say that the countryside is far away and transportation is inconvenient, but this is the first gift the earth gave us, and we should cherish and enjoy it and take care of our bodies! Try it once and feel the subtle changes in your body when you connect with the earth. You will love it and smile, and go home satisfied.

Embrace spring and Earthing well!

Women should seize the spring season and connect with nature! 

The earth is a natural energy field that can heal all chronic diseases, and it is simple, effective, and free for life. During the spring season, the energy of the earth is rising, and the countryside is filled with the aroma of fruit trees. It is definitely the best time to connect with nature. Take some time to go outdoors and walk barefoot on the ground, let yourself merge with nature! Women who know how to enjoy nature live the most beautiful lives. When you immerse yourself in nature, age and all the worries in your heart seem to no longer be a problem. Under the care of Mother Earth, you will live like a happy child.

Data source: Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine (2017)

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