[Spoiler Alert] All the light we cannot see – if today was the last day of life…

The drama series All the light we cannot see was launched on Netflix on November 2. The condensed four-episode theatrical version is adapted from the original novel by Anthony Doerr. This Pulitzer Prize-winning historical novel set during World War II became the New York Times bestseller in literature. Although the characters in the play are purely fictional, author Doerr uses the historical context of the 1944 siege and battle for control of Saint-Malo in Brittany, France. “It was really important to me to try to make sure that every detail of Saint-Malo was correct so that people who lived through the siege would believe in the authenticity of the project,” Doerr said. Although the series was rewritten. Part of the plot and ending of the original novel, but whether it is the novel or the series, keeps some of the core messages that the author Doerr wants to bring to readers. The touching dialogue makes us have faith in human nature and find the light of hope.

The most important light is the light we cannot see.

In the story, Marie-Laur, a blind French girl, fled France with her father during World War II and went to Saint-Malo to join Uncle Etienne. Later, Marie was forced to separate from her father, and she took on a key role in communicating with the US military. Coordinate messaging. Marie was left alone at Uncle Etienne’s home and could only hear the bombing of air raids every night. Under the invisible fear, Marie still clung to her faith and transmitted vital information to the US military through radio. In the dark ages of World War II, people with normal vision may not be able to feel the light of hope, let alone a blind girl who has never felt the light. The author Doerr cleverly uses the role of Marie as a blind girl to create a stark contrast. Sometimes when we are in the light, we ignore the existence of light. But we must know that light always exists. Those invisible lights and unreachable hopes all depend on the light in our hearts.

Everything has a voice. You just have to listen.

Marie has been accustomed to relying on hearing and touch to compensate for the inconvenience of visual impairment since she was a child, and her keen hearing has become a life skill for her. The father was worried that Marie would get lost when she went out alone, so every time she moved to a city, he would personally build a model of the entire city for his daughter. He taught her how to calculate steps and find locations by hearing sounds since she was a child. Her sensitive ears replaced her blindness. eyes. If she listens carefully, she can grasp the sounds from all directions very clearly. Marie’s sense of direction comes from a calm state of mind and memory. 

In fact, when we close our eyes and pour water into the cup, we can also tell when the cup is full just by the change in sound. The miraculous abilities of the human body have always existed, but when we have a sound sense and body, everything becomes natural. Ask yourself, have we carefully listened to the sounds made by everything in this world?

But it is not bravery. I have no choice.

Werner was an orphan who was selected by the military for his outstanding radio skills and forced to join the German army. While Marie was transmitting information to the US military through radio channel “1310”, the German army also ordered Werner to track Marie’s location. Although they have never met, channel “1310” has been their common connection since childhood. Listening to the wisdom in Professor’s words from back then is their only hope for the world. After experiencing countless desperate days and nights, when the two met each other, Marie shared this passage with Werner: “When I lost my sight, people said I was brave. When my father left, people said I was brave. But this is not bravery, it is that I have no choice. I wake up and live my life, don’t you do the same?” These words are worthy of our reflection. To survive, do we have a choice? When we have a choice, will we choose to face it bravely?

Is pain stronger than love?

It is said in the story that those who have the Flame Sea Stone can live forever,but at the same time they will be cursed to “harm their loved ones around them”, and this stone indeed fell into Marie’s hands. Marie’s father was tortured by the German army and asked about the whereabouts of the flame seastone. Even though his body was covered with scars, he still refused to give in. He was eventually beaten to death by the enemy. What does it mean to get a rare gem when you are facing the loss of a loved one? The courage you think you have may be meaningless in the eyes of others. Life is so helpless and hopeless when it seems so humble under the wars and greed of human nature. The father did not hesitate to sacrifice himself to protect his daughter. At the critical moment of life and death, he still resisted with willpower. If you love someone enough, love can transcend life and even die for love; in the face of life, separation and death in the world, no matter how painful or difficult it is, it does not matter at this moment. Marie has been looking forward to being reunited with her father again, but she learned the truth about her father’s death from the enemy. In the end, she bravely shot her father’s killer and avenged her father with her own hands.

Don’t you want to truly live before you die?

After experiencing the front line of World War I, Uncle Etienne suffered from traumatic syndrome and chose to live in seclusion for more than ten years. Only with the encouragement of a young girl, Marie, did he regain his energy and return to work in the organisation of World War II. Marie and Werner recognized Uncle Etienne’s voice, respectively, as Professor, the speaker on the radio channel “1310” they listened to during their childhood.

Unfortunately, not long after they met, they were attacked by artillery shells, and Uncle Etienne recalled every detail of his life before his death. “Open your eyes and see what you can do with them before they close forever.” Everyone will eventually return to the dust, but before that, we really must do our part and complete the life of living. Mission?

We can all live every day as the last day of our lives and try to live every day without regrets. Life is full of colours. Even in the face of darkness, if you light the light in your heart and never forget your original intention, your faith will lead you on the right track.

If today  is your last day, have you lived well?

Image source: TUDUM, IMDb

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