Do Do Cheng’s New Adventure Flying a Fighter Aircraft Over the Alps

People only live once, and everything has its time. How many people can truly maintain the courage to try everything? Well, Do Do Cheng definitely has the power to convince you that you can! In a recent episode of the travel show ‘Where Do Do you go ‘, hosted by Zheng Yuling (Do Do Cheng ), she and Kaho embarked on a trip to Germany. In Munich, they learned how to make bread together, and Do Do Cheng ‘s biggest challenge on the trip was to visit the German National Aviation Museum alone and fly a German fighter jet over the Alps.

In the show, Do Do Cheng visited various planes in the German National Aviation Museum and gave a brief introduction to their features. Finally, she personally climbed aboard an Italian-made S-211 light attack fighter jet. Before boarding the jet, Do Do Cheng underwent rigorous preparation. She attended a safety class to learn about communication gestures used on the jet, safety precautions on board, and how to escape from the cockpit in case of danger. As most of the regulations were written in German, the pilot spent extra time explaining each one in detail to ensure that the participants understood them. Finally, they signed a “life and death contract”.

Before boarding the jet, Do Do Cheng wanted to share this experience with everyone and encourage more people to try it. She also shared her powerful philosophy behind her courage, stating that “people only live once, and everything has its time.” With everything ready, the fighter jet pilot and Do Do Cheng took off into the sky.

During the flight, Do Do Cheng shared that, with mental preparation, it wasn’t as fast as she had imagined. The whole process was very enjoyable. After admiring the scenery for a while as a “warm-up”, the jet flew through the clouds. Sitting in a fighter jet with a wide window, the scene of piercing through clouds was even more breathtaking. The view from a plane during takeoff would definitely be completely different. The scenery also left a deep impression on Do Do Cheng . After passing through the clouds, they ascended to an altitude of 6,500 meters and headed towards the Alps. They then crossed Germany’s highest peak, Zugspitze, which is nearly 3,000 meters above sea level. Do Do Cheng even saw a campsite on a mountain below and described it as “like a fairyland”.”

After flying over the Zugspitze, the pilot of the fighter jet Do Do Cheng  was on board with performed a 180-degree roll followed by another roll to let her experience the powerful G force. Do Do Cheng  said that at that moment, “I understood why he had to strap me in like a crab! When the plane rotates 360 degrees, you can feel as if everything is pulling to one side.” She immediately used the communication gestures she learned in class to indicate that she was feeling unwell. Although the G force made her feel uncomfortable, it didn’t dampen Do Do Cheng ‘s good mood. After landing, she couldn’t help but express her happiness and satisfaction, saying, “It’s something that everyone should do at least once in their lifetime!”

When we were young, we often talked about trying everything, but as we grow older, more and more people shy away from new challenges or dangerous things. However, in this episode of the travel show “Where to Go, Do Do Cheng “, the 66-year-old Do Do Cheng  once again demonstrated her fearless spirit of adventure through action. Even this writer was inspired by Do Do Cheng ‘s adventurous spirit and would love to try it out for themselves.

Photo & Data Source: The organizer provided, YouTube@HOY 免費電視77台及78台

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