【VOICE OF HER】「女生女人同樣長不大/平衡多身份姿態/但被太少理解」Vicky Fung


“Throughout my career, whether composing music or writing lyrics, I have always used my unique sensibility to articulate the identity of women. I’ve noticed that many works tend to adopt a male perspective on women,” says Vicky. She never saw herself as a typical woman, feeling strongly that inside her resides a man. “If I were to choose one of my more recent works that resonates deeply with the theme of womanhood, it would be Janice’s 《我的視角》”.

The 2022 concept album “DAUGHTER” deconstructs the theme of “female autonomy” from a woman’s perspective and is produced entirely by an all-female team. In 《我的視角》, Vicky chooses to eschew using any “he” or “she”, attempting to eliminate traditional stereotypes. In this era, everyone can define their own type of energy and temperament, not merely confined by gender, as every gender has the right to experience a full spectrum of emotions and feelings. “Of course, this is just my opinion. As long as I have the space to create, I will express the values I believe in. I hope different women can find traits within my work that resonate with them.”

Thus, Vicky writes in her lyrics: “女生女人同樣長不大,暗中也想某君的寵壞”, it might also mean “unwilling to grow up”, just like her, seemingly stern on the outside but soft and strong inside. “結婚與不結婚 幾經親友唆擺,太多要兼顧旁觀者的表態” It’s no wonder she jokes that marriage was her boldest decision. “平衡多身份姿態,但被太少理解” She enjoys being an eldest daughter, a mother, a wife, but cannot ignore the responsibilities imposed on her since childhood. “有些轉身從頭的選擇,有些發生卻無可規劃,結束某些結果算是長期學習,要找個自如地忠於的風格” Thus, she continues to question and stay true to her beliefs at life’s crossroads, struggling and expressing herself through Vicky’s vision and intuition.

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