In recent years, the popular trend of creating idol stars has shown us that being a fan is no longer just for young people!

The highly anticipated fifth season of “Good Night Show – King Maker” is finally here, and everyone is rushing home before 9:30 pm each night to watch. After four seasons, every household audience member has become a professional judge, able to tell who will make it to the next level and who will be eliminated based on their performances.

In the past, only young people were considered fans, but in recent years, being a fan is no longer limited by age and has become a family activity. Many of my friends have seen their mothers become younger because of being fans (laughs). Their lives are no longer just about doing laundry, cooking, and going to work. Even those around them can feel this positive change. It’s like having a new goal in life, which is a good thing. It takes a lot of courage for an adult to accept new things!

Recently, I saw a funny Japanese advertisement featuring a mother who became a super fan of a K-pop group. In the ad, the mother is a taxi driver leading a dull and boring life until one day, while eating lunch, she sees the K-pop group on her screen and falls in love with a member who is 30 years younger than her. Since becoming a fan, the mother has become more energetic and focused, with a new direction, new experiences, and new interests in life. It turns out that no matter what age you are, a little bit of courage can lead to great changes.

Do you feel the same way? Our Hong Kong fandom is the same!

In the past, would you have traveled from Hong Kong Island to the far northwest just to see your idol? Would you have gone crazy searching for idol merchandise? Would you have made deep connections with strangers because of your shared love for an idol? Would you have asked the whole of Hong Kong to ride a tram?

There are even fans willing to give their idols valuable plots of land… Have you ever imagined these things happening to you?

But I can say for sure that being a fan has changed your actions, your will to make money, your mental age, and even your relationship with your family. Your mindset has become more positive, just like how having an idol can make the world a better place.

It turns out that being a fan can be very meaningful. Idols can give us a sense of purpose and lead us to a broader world. Although it may seem crazy, it can completely change a person and even heat up the entire social atmosphere. Isn’t that amazing?

Image source: Youtube

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