MAMAMOO Hwasa’s New Song ‘I Love My Body’ Inspires Fans to Break Free from Beauty Standards 

Korean girl group MAMAMOO’s member Hwasa has recently made a comeback with her single “I Love My Body”. With her unique voice, she performs a 70s Motown music style, and the song is filled with confidence and power, making people fall in love with it at first listen! The music video and lyrics encourage women to cherish themselves and embrace their imperfections, confidently telling the world, “I love my body!”

This new release is not just an encouragement, but also draws from Hwasa’s personal experiences, which is why the song is so infectious. Hwasa, whose real name is Ahn Hye-jin, is one of the members of MAMAMOO, which debuted in 2014. The group is known for their strong singing skills and dance abilities, and are often referred to as “walking CDs”. They are also one of the few idol girl groups that attract more female fans than male fans.

As one of the MooMoos, I can only say that every member of MAMAMOO has the confidence and charm that every woman should have. They don’t necessarily have to be cute and submissive; they can also shine on stage with their natural and unconventional personalities. MAMAMOO’s authenticity makes each member more “real” than other girl groups, and their rejection of the “idol baggage” is what makes them so beloved by female fans. However, since their debut, they have still faced criticism from some netizens who judge them based on societal beauty standards…

Hwasa had a dream of becoming a singer since she was in primary school. Despite working hard on her singing skills, the Korean entertainment industry is highly competitive, and almost every trainee is required to be a multi-talented performer. Hwasa faced rejection due to her appearance and body type not fitting the typical beauty standards for girl groups in Korea. During auditions, she was repeatedly told that she was too “fat” and “not pretty enough.”

However, Hwasa never gave up on her dream and did not succumb to societal pressures to change her unique qualities. She remained true to herself and even said, “I will succeed because of my singing skills.” Eventually, she caught the attention of RBW’s CEO Kim Do-hoon and became a trainee before debuting as a member of MAMAMOO.

In Korea, girl groups are held to strict beauty standards, with most known for their fair skin, long legs, slim figures, and youthful sweetness. When MAMAMOO debuted, many netizens ridiculed them for having “plain faces,” while Korean media criticized them for not being cute and petite. Hwasa, who has healthy wheat-colored skin, was even attacked by Korean haters who called her unattractive and demanded that she leave the group.

Despite her unwavering belief in her singing skills, Hwasa was affected by the cruel comments she received. Even the strongest of hearts can’t withstand constant attacks. However, over time, Hwasa learned to ignore the haters and released her solo single “Maria,” which encourages listeners to embrace their uniqueness and reminds them that they are already beautiful just the way they are.

” If I don’t fit the world’s beauty standards, I’ll create my own!”

Many people choose to go with the flow and change themselves to fit in with society, while others choose to go against the grain and stay true to themselves, even changing society in the process. Neither approach is right or wrong, but the latter’s beliefs are more worthy of our admiration and learning. Hwasa not only shared her beliefs and stories in her single “Maria,” but also responded with confidence at her concert, “If I don’t fit the world’s beauty standards, I’ll create my own!” It’s really cool! (Excited clapping from the editor)

Hwasa’s new single “I Love My Body” has accumulated over 27 million views on YouTube and 9.24 million streams on Spotify since its release. This is her best performance and achievement since signing with “P Nation” and her first comeback since joining the agency.

In the chorus of the song, “I love my body~ That’s my body~,” Hwasa confidently touches her body while singing, as if proud of her unique body. The lyrics also mention “pretending to be free but actually being bound,” as well as “hundreds of standards… which one is right… there is only one correct answer… I love my body~ soft and shiny hair….”

The lyrics of “I Love My Body” also mention “whether I lose weight or not… what does it have to do with you?” and “your gossiping mouth… is not qualified to criticize my existence,” responding to the norms and criticisms that Hwasa and MAMAMOO faced when they debuted.

Compared to Korea’s strict beauty standards, Hong Kong’s demands for body shape and physique are also quite high. Many people undergo liposuction and weight loss to meet society’s beauty standards, and many girls lack confidence due to their body shape. Building confidence in a society with strict standards for body shape requires more courage and self-identity.

Let’s listen to the new song “I Love My Body” together and feel the confidence of “loving yourself even at the end of the world” in the song! I want to listen to it several times every morning to remind myself that I am unique and to love myself.


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