Meet Marlene Flowers: The 58-Year-Old Fitness Grandma Who Embarked on a 10-Year Journey of Dedication

Life in Hong Kong is fast-paced, and there will always be some office workers who have never exercised habits, but decide to start exercising when they are in their thirties because of obvious weight gain or health problems. At this time, you may complain that you started too late, and at the same time secretly feel weak and inferior to your body. Don’t be discouraged just yet, because it’s never too late to start working. 

Marlene Flowers, a “fitness grandma” in Washington, D.C., has become a popular Blogger (IG@granny__guns) on Instagram, with 680,000 followers, not only because she is an elderly person who can work out, but also because she is an elderly person who pursues fitness and works harder than others.

Marlene Flowers was in good health as a young woman, but after two unhappy marriages, her self-confidence, body shape and self-identity were devastated, and she later developed an eating disorder that affected her health and even required surgery for part of her colon. After a period of revision surgery and a hospital stay, she decided it was time to make a change: “I wanted to live longer and happier.”

Achieve your Fitness Goals with Ease

Marlene Flowers started her fitness journey in 2015 at the age of 58, but while most people choose to slow down at this retirement age, she is just getting started in the gym. Her son, Ryan, became her fitness trainer and started letting her try out a ketogenic diet and exercise at home. She has shared, “Like most people who have just started working out, my knee hurt terribly at first, but after a few weeks of continuous strength, my pain disappeared.”

She does weight training every day, exercising different parts of her body, which is ten times more diligent than the editor herself or the average young person. She basically trains her lower body twice a week, one day each dedicated to her chest, back, arms and shoulders, as well as light aerobic exercise.

Flowers shared her favorite “back” and “foot” because it’s always challenging, and the lower body has always been her weakness, but she’s more focused on her progress. By adding extra reps or gaining weight, she will get a little stronger every day.

Since she started posting about her fitness journey on Instagram, she has quickly gone viral. She is not limited by her age, many netizens are infected by her positive energy, and her stories and efforts have also inspired netizens around the world. “For the first time in my life, I felt important,” she said. She believes that finding like-minded people will push you to be better, and she will be truly happy about your success, and everyone will encourage each other with love and strength.

The oldest sponsored women athlete in the United States at 66

Marlene Flowers felt happier than ever to receive positive comments on the internet, and she felt like she had never had the same amount of support as she could have gone from having zero support to having all the support from all over the world. In addition to her online popularity, she is sponsored by brands such as YoungLA, Ryse Supplements and Village Hidden In Iron, and is the oldest athlete in the U.S. to receive a sponsorship.

Although she is not an athlete, she is not as confident as everyone on social media, and there was a time when she didn’t believe in herself and struggled. However, she believes that everyone has a low point, and the most important thing is not to stand still, you must learn from your mistakes, everything will always pass, and it will make you stronger.

Without the tough times I went through, I would never be who I am now.

Source: IG@granny__guns

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