The ever-changing diva who shook the world – Lady Gaga

I am on the right track, baby, I was born to be brave.


How many rough and dark days have natural musicians gone through to become the music diva they are today? “I worked in a strip club when I was 18. I moved out of the house, unwilling to accept any help from my parents, and supported myself on server and striptease jobs. Gaga developed post-traumatic sequelae (PTSD) at an early age due to bullying and sexual assault by classmates. It is not easy to confess that it is not easy to disclose his black history, but after becoming famous, Gaga is committed to encouraging those who have low self-esteem because of defeat and failure, so he wrote the song Born this Way, the lyrics of which mention that we should bravely survive and cherish ourselves. No matter what nationality or skin colour you are born from, no matter what identity or sexual orientation you are, no matter what difficulties you are experiencing in life, just walk bravely on the right track and do not hide yourself in regrets. “There’s nothing wrong with loving who you are” Gaga encouraged fans to heal their wounds and others’ wounds through their creations. “Rejoice and love yourself today’ Cause, baby, you were born this way”

Strive for the things you love, always remember and work harder,
Then you will be surprised to find that you are much stronger than you thought.

In the capitalist world, women seem to have been devoured for a while.

Gaga believes that men dominate all aspects of society and the family, and that women are still happening all the time by patriarchy and capitalism, but women always know how to quietly cover themselves in different ways, without being seen or afraid to speak up for their own harm. Gaga once mentioned that when she was young, an ex-boyfriend mocked her and thought that she could become a singer just because she knew music, singing, and musical instruments. Her dreams and self-esteem are shattered when she is trampled by her lover,and she said to herself ”I want him to be able to hear my songs playing everywhere he goes in the future.” In the end, GAGA became popular all over the world with Bad Romance, and later including Poker Face, Just Dance, and Shallow made her the first female singer in history to sell more than ten million singles, establishing an irreplaceable position in the music industry. Gaga proves that women have the right and ability to create their own piece of the world! 

Before you give up what you want to do for your significant other or someone else, always remember, “Your career is not going to wake up one morning telling you that he doesn’t love you anymore.”

Make yourself unique, different, and shine your way.

Gaga has said she never thinks she is pretty. Yes, she may not be the standard beauty set by the public today, Gaga, who has always been incredibly unique in style, and even since her debut, many people have criticised her for dressing exaggerated and strange or too bold, etc., but how is the definition of “beauty” determined? 

When the eyes of the world are on you, if you say something that is not intended sincerely, or wear clothes that do not fit your soul or spirit, it is unfair to your identity. So, every day I represent the most authentic me, and doing so is hope, and my fans expect me to do this, for them and for myself. 

Gaga: Five Foot Two was released on Netflix in 2017, in this documentary, Gaga bravely took off all her gorgeous outfits, removed her previous rich makeup, stripped off her previous absurd image, and re-showed her true face, fearless to let the public see her most true face off stage. In it, Gaga revealed that she has been plagued by Fibromyalgia, which causes her to suffer from face to foot pain and convulsions throughout her body, and even must take medicine and injections to endure the pain of the disease to perform. Gaga hopes that by documenting her daily life around work and the challenging work behind the gorgeous acting career, she can send a positive message and inspire women. 

My way is beautiful because God does not make mistakes.

For Gaga, makeup is not a shield, but a woman’s most resolute and tireless weapon ready to face the world. Women’s appearance is always ready to be judged at any time, because of the needs of the market or others, so unconsciously they fall into the “labyrinth of beauty”; the whole society began to compare, compete, more jealousy, inferiority, cyberbullying and so on. Yes, aesthetics is indeed very subjective; you can think that a girl is not exceptionally beautiful, but you must not say that she is ugly!


Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do this yourself.

Everyone has their own innate charm. Slowly, learn to stop caring about yourself and your flaws, because an interesting soul is more attractive than a pretty face.

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